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Art School Autumn/Winter Term 2019

My first year of teaching at the home of Margot Crosby-Jones in Winchelsea Beach has been fascinating and good fun.

The original aim was to run a monthly class on a Wednesday, teaching drawing and painting, inspired by the publications of Ian Simpson and the magical surroundings of the former Gopsall Pottery and 2 acre wild garden. The Classes were featured in the local press and a core group of enthusiasts participated in a trial day. Margot as fellow tutor has a large collection of textiles, pottery and interesting objects to set up still live displays and together we've assembled a collection of artist books. With a picnic lunch of cheese & spinach scones, chocolate brownies and self service coffee, the group have steadily worked their way through the basics. Line, tone, composition, watercolour, to working outside in the gardens and also a trip to the beach. Links to videos of contemporary artists are sent in advance of each lesson and homework set. The Group has five cor…

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