Saturday, 2 May 2009

Could You Love A Lurcher?

The last few weeks of preparation have been very hard work indeed, but exciting. The centerpiece of the show ‘Love A Lurcher’ is a vast painting entitled ‘Welcome Party’ inspired by Erin, Winnie and Annie. I hung it unfinished in the Gallery window to dry in the sunshine and it was immediately reserved. It will be leaving Arts Hut next week as it is a birthday gift. A good omen for our dogs, plus I have met three people interested in the work of Southern Lurcher Rescue, all of whom said they didn’t know SLR rehomed dogs in Sussex. They do!
Another highlight of our opening day was meeting a local Whippet breeder, who asked me to create some Whippet Christmas Cards. Now that’s the sort of notice period I like.
Mr PWP and the lovely Nina have designed beautiful posters, some to be read by passing motorists and others for our window shoppers. Our cards aim to make people smile.


  1. Hi Anna
    Good luck with the show - fab pictures!

  2. Thanks Anna
    I love the smoke firing pics on your blog


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