Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Our Retired Racing Greyhound

Bea has been with us for a week. She is affectionate, elegant, gentle, with a splash of cheeky monkey. She rubs against our legs like a cat. Giving her cuddles and massage makes her bottom lip wobble. She is house trained, on a Burns diet and can confidently go up and down stairs. Her day starts at 7am with a few sniffs in our courtyard garden. Then across the road for an off lead run in our local tennis courts, plus meet and greet with doggy friends. Back home for a rest, before breakfast is served. Mornings are spent snoozing, some shoppers may come and say hello, intermingled with sunbathing and exploring. Then a nice big lunch, followed by a long afternoon nap. Once the Gallery is closed, we put our wellies on, lunge leads out and go for a country walk. So far Bea has given an enormous black dog, some sheep, cows and lots of fishermen, a super friendly welcome. Back home whilst the humans have supper, Bea gets a dental chew, then it’s TV and cuddles before bed. With the pecking order established, Finn our Lurcher likes Bea too.

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