Friday, 6 November 2009

Whippet Art

"It is really difficult to find good Whippet cards" an Arts Hut customer mused out loud one afternoon last summer. After a fascinating chat, I learnt she used to breed Whippets and I found myself promising Whippet Art by Christmas. This happens a lot at Arts Hut and I am happy for customers to suggest subjects, although some never make it out of the studio! Horses for example, are not my strong point. Whippet models are like buses, you don't get to meet and photograph one for ages and then four come along at once. So I hope my customer returns, as I have created Whippet Christmas Cards featuring Aalto rescued via Battersea. Plus Monoprints featuring the stunning silver brindle Gilbert. All this and it's only November. Smaller items can be bought in the Christmas Hound mail order section on my website.
Still in my sketchbook, but making it into print soon will be Rendall, an older gentlemanly Whippet who popped into Arts Hut before lunching at the Woolpack Inn, where dogs are invited to curl up on the carpet.
Last but not least, I include a recent photograph of Ruby, my first close encounter with a Whippet. As one of my favourites I am tempted to paint her, on a huge canvas. She races enthusiastically across the fields to say hello and then obliges me by sitting for her photo.
What's not to love?

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