Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Tuesdays in my fantasy work schedule are reserved for monoprinting without visitor interruption. However I was intrigued to be invited to a meeting called by East Sussex Arts Partnership for Artist Open House organisers at the Towner in Eastbourne. I did confess in advance that I don't organise Open House trails, just rural trails involving artists and other traders, but I remained on the guest list. From outside I thought the Towner Gallery was bland, inside is more friendly, in a lofty concrete sort of a way. The lime loo's are fun and there were lush red walls for displaying work, causing me to consider whether Arts Hut should have a new dark look. I met a host of interesting folk and learnt a lot at the meeting. I took a quick peek at 'The Dark Monarch' which was really exciting, with not one but two Hepworth's to lust after. On the first floor I could see a host of fabulous paintings. We will return for a day trip. Despite the freezing wind, I took a stroll on the beach to remember what it feels like to be beside the sea.

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