Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Brighton Tourists

Although Mr PWP & I both lived in Brighton for 16 years, it was fun to return for a day and do all the things tourists do. We started at the West Pier, or what little remains of it, visiting the artist studios under the Kings Road Arches. We spent a while at the funky Castor & Pollux where the owners were super friendly and the walls were packed with truly great prints and posters. They also do framing. Two doors up we spotted beautiful sculptures by Olivia Ferrier. It was good to see people sunbathing on the beach near the main pier, but we headed north for a shopping splurge in the Lanes. My secret mission was to find a Gallery I liked and see whether they might like my paintings, I found two possibles, one very near to Pecksniffs. This of course led to much spraying, sniffing and purchases. We had a further shopping splurge at T.K.Maxx before lunch to recover our strength. Then we checked the Royal Pavilion and Mrs Fitzherberts, where Mr PWP and I met, were still as we remembered, before dwindling home via the coastal route and a very flooded Alfriston.

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  1. I just got back from Brighton a few weeks ago. It was fun. Loads of great places to eat! The Pavilion was amazing inside!

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