Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Feather your 'Nest' this Spring

To celebrate the sunshine I wore my neon pink wellies, in public, today. My sedate village life is getting hectic, I am promoting our Spring exhibition 'Nest' at Arts Hut, whilst also preparing for group shows in Hastings, Eastbourne and Brighton. In the studio I have been trying different types of paper for my monoprints. Trips to the framers have commenced. My hair has been cut and I am considering outfits!


  1. We're coming to Hastings for a week at Easter! You'll have to let me know where you're exhibiting. The mono prints look interesting.

  2. What a small world! You must come to 4 Dudley Road, Hastings on a Sunday, when I am stewarding. Click on the huts link on the right for maps, opening times etc The house is up a bit of a hill.

  3. That's sounds great - I will. I can hear our teenagers groaning loudly even now (they love their mum and dad's art treks - not!)but I can find a way to bribe them!!


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