Thursday, 1 April 2010

April Fool

The Woolpack Inn regulars sit outside smoking & chatting in strong Sussex accents. Usually I get a nod of the head and a 'mornin - 'afternoon or  'evenin as we walk past with the houndies. I return a big smile. Today one of the characters leapt a few feet backwards in the air, gave a look of mock horror and total astonishment at my pink wellies and said "She should have gone to Specsavers instead", which made me laugh a lot.


  1. There really is a Woolpack? I thought it was only on Emmerdale!

  2. Oh yes we have a Woolpack, I'll have to dig out a few of the old photos of the sheep. Carriages would stop for refreshments on the journey between London and Eastbourne. As well as a hearty meal the host made sweets for their journey and this was the start of the Angears Sweet Factory, now our home. Our builder Paul Angears is the great grandson.


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