Thursday, 22 April 2010

Good Morning Limousin

The Thorndean Farm freshers have been out for a fortnight, but are now confident enough for a morning greeting.


  1. Dear Anna Wilson-Patterson

    What did you do by mentioning the SLR? Of course i thought it couldn't hurt just to look.....

    The Hounds identical twins, who knew he was one of 3, and joe, oh my gosh i simply won't be able to get a thing today.

    My heart strings are tugged to breaking.

    Yours, finding tools to extend the shop
    Miss P.

  2. Miss P

    You are a hoot.

    I was assuming the hound might take issue with another chap around the place? My favourite is Nell, beautiful brindle girlie, like Bea with stripes. Hayley & Ginny will be absolutely beautiful in a month or two.

    I must confess I volunteer for SLR, so have a vested interest in seeing their dogs rehomed.....

    Glad you are smitten. Apologies to your customers, if service slips due to building works.



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