Thursday, 8 April 2010

Shop Dog

After walking our houndies at dawn, I like to start my day at Arts Hut with a blast of online life. One of my favourite blogs is written by Miss P she has a stylish emporium, comedic customers and a Saluki hound that escapes. There the similarities end, as she whips up floral delights, cooks like a dream, remembers song lyrics and wears shoes that make my contact lenses wobble. The Hound has recently started his own blog and has asked readers to send in their favourite pics - Finn features.


  1. What a beautiful dog! I have 2 retired greyhounds myself. I laughed when I read about you walking them at dawn though - the thought of mine being up & about at that time, let alone interested in going outside is almost inconceivable - faaaar too lazy (them, not me!).

  2. 7am without fail, wet nose on my elbow, waggy tail, big sad eyes. 7.15 high pitched whining commences.


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