Saturday, 28 August 2010

Sighthound Goodie Bag Giveaway

I am celebrating my 299th blog post by offering you the chance to win a Goodie Bag filled with Sighthound greeting cards and a mini monoprint.

To enter my Giveaway, simply leave me a comment below.  I'd be pleased to hear what you like about my blog/website/gallery or suggestions for anything you'd like to see more or less of.

The hounds will pull a winner from their bowl on Sept 10th.


  1. Hi there! your blog is great! I love the tales of the town. The links you provide are brilliant and I especially like when you post your work. It's really good to see the process and the work you do up close. :) over and out.

  2. hola anne!! l like everything!! your paints specially the cows and hounds...2 weeks ago l went to the farm and l took photos of lovely cows l pst in my blog ,and l think in your paints all the time...yes l do! also l love the way you share all the art arrownd you and makes me wish to go to every opening!! and of course your gallery is unique !!!!
    a big kiss and also a very beautifull weekend for you!!besos anne !!!

  3. Hi! I was just bloghopping and came across your blog. I enjoyed seeing your hounds (I love dogs) and I also like the shopping bag hanging in the window. My favorite greeting cards are the Santa's Little Helper greeting cards - so cute! Also, I like the Party Girl print - I think it would be great as note cards, too. I've had fun visiting your blog - I think it's great how you're combining your love of art and dogs - and I love that the hounds will pick the winner. If Floridians are eligible, I'd be happy to be included - oh, and congratulations on 299 blog posts!

  4. Hi, I found your blog recently and always enjoy it, particularly any posts on your dogs. We have a greyhound, Rhonda an ex-racer who is now enjoying the life of luxury!you are very creative, always enjoy looking at the art, thank you x

  5. Anna, always enjoy reading your blog and hearing what you, Mr WP and dogs are getting up to. And seeing the work develop! love the scenes of Dungeness and the Kent coast that are so familiar and wonderous to lose yourself in on a Sunday dog walk.
    If you are around Brighton during 16-19th September, let me know as at Brighton Art Fair and got some tickets if you'd like to come.
    See you soon, though I am aware I say that a lot.
    Best, Rod and Duncan Dog, greyhound lurcher who is asleep on the sofa as i type!

  6. Hello Hello Anna,
    your blogs part of my homepage and i love seeing new posts and whats going on in the village, particularly when i'm away in Durham and need reminding of home. good to see some familiar faces appear on the phots including the hounds, and your country arts a big inspiration. probs will pop in soon. hopefully one day i can bring something in worthy of the wall! cheers. x

  7. Dear Anna
    thank you for your visit.
    On visiting your blog I see straight away here are two of my favourite things - dogs (esp lurcher, greyhound, whippet varieties) and printmaking. A lovely blog, I will come again.

  8. I love having a bloggy friend and watching you grow your business. You were delightful when we met in person - shame you don't live nearer. Oh and you have a great sense of humour and lovely pink wellies :)

  9. Hi Anna - I love your mono-prints, especially the dogs, you can see your affection for them in the simplicity of the line.
    PS Hope the cards are selling well for you :) Elli


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