Monday, 6 September 2010


This summer every magazine I open is promoting Charleston. Being just down the road we popped in to find it bursting at the seams with tourists. Marks out of 10 for the Garden - a super sparkly 11.


  1. Wow! Beautiful. We had been contemplating a visit, the garden really looks worth one.

  2. Charlston is my no 2 fave pace (Portmerin being no 1)I am SO jealous you can 'pop'in! And yes I have that issue of Country Living and am contemplating some Bloomsbury inspired activity on my new studio fireplace surround - will I be brave enough?

  3. Anna - I'd go soon, the first time we went in the Autumn a few years back the back garden was past its prime. Suggest a mid week visit if you can...

    Claire - Get those brushes out. Have you thought about submitting your studio build to UK handmade?

  4. I've not heard of UK Handmade??? More please ...

  5. On here, click on the hand link opposite - under the houndies pic.
    When you get there click on 'Studio'.


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