Saturday, 4 September 2010

My Gull

'Blogs of Note' promoted daily by Blogger are usually annoyingly fat with adverts and flickering animation. Yesterday however they featured Bridget Farmer whose serene blog of sketches, drawings, etchings and prints includes a tiny book of Seagulls chatting. Delicious.


  1. Love him! you've got his feet perfectly, i always find bird feet the most difficult!
    Thanks for the plug too! I had a look through other blogs of note and, yes, they all seemed to have adverts which i thought was a shame. I'm glad you like my blog. It's purely self indulgent!!

  2. Your gull is very handsome! A gorgeous sketch.

  3. Re: Rob Ryan and already have the winning combination so put something else on your Christmas list! Thought of you today when I spent an age in B and Q discussing the merits of which white to have! Claire
    PS According to my stats we seem to be doing some good cross fertilisation :)

  4. Claire - you are too kind.
    Tell all, which white did you buy?
    I'm hopeless at all the stats, but I can feel its busier...


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