Thursday, 23 September 2010

Painting Sussex

Having been drawing for a week or two, I start my small paintings, working quickly and blocking in the composition. I cover all the white canvas and (as usual) fail to stick to my limited palette! They are wet, wet, wet, so spend the afternoon in the garden sunshine.


  1. That's interesting that you work on them all at once and bring them on together. I'm watching with interest, so more step by steps please :)

  2. Hi Claire
    I thought of you when Edd won the Bake Off!
    Glad you like the step by step, the paintings will dry now for a week or so, but I will take pics at each stage.

  3. I'm not sure that Ruth wasn't the better woman and might have lost because she was so annoying! I thought of you yesterday as I stretched a pile of paper standing at my studio sink instead of kneeling at the bath! So thanks again :)


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