Thursday, 7 October 2010

Star Shoulder Bags

Today the manekin is wearing Shoulder Bags by Rosie Bull Designs.

A month ago a young woman popped into Arts Hut, ignored my obvious wrestle with a lollipop laurel and said "My friend can sew, she makes really beautiful things". One thing led to another and ... ta da Star Shoulder Bags.

Just wait until you see the Pea Pod Brooches...


  1. Cute bags! I love your monoprints Anna. Wish I wasn't so far away so I could come your village in all its festive glory!

  2. Hi Anna,Thank you for popping by. It's nice to see some of my goodies in lights!!
    PS, I'm loving those Converse! Some friends from work bought me some cerise pink ones with stars on for my birthday and I was SO happy! x

  3. Hi Kirsty
    You can make a star to hang in our Flickr library. I'll post some more info nearer the time.

    Hi Gina
    Pink Converse - I am green with envy.


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