Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Margaret Lorimer Flanagan

On Monday November 1st 2010 Mr PWP and I attended a celebration of the life of Margaret Flanagan. She was buried with her husband Fred at Saint Margarets, Rottingdean. I have fond memories of her.
When my granny and her sister, married my granddad and his brother, there were six bridesmaids, Margaret was one. Christmas cards arrived in Wales every year without fail. She first wrote to me in 1997 following the death of my mother and we met up for lunch, tea, cakes... I was particularly pleased she came to my first open house exhibition and made me laugh a lot.


  1. I have just found this article. I knew Margaret when I taught on the West Dean vocal courses and she was a real treasure and joy.

  2. Hi Susan
    Good to hear, she made me laugh a lot!


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