Thursday, 27 January 2011

Birthday Hounds

A special week for our hounds.
It is two years since Finn, seen standing on the box watching the world go by, came to live with us after being 'found wandering' by Southern Lurcher Rescue.
Bea, horizontal as usual, is 6 years old tomorrow. She is a retired racing greyhound from Brighton and Hove Retired Greyhound Trust.


  1. At first glance I thought Finn was a sculpture on a pedestal!

  2. Good grief, imagine a life size lurcher sculpture!
    I have a lovely 'howling dogs' sculpture - I'll post the pic.
    I think some of your boats should have a little plastic dogs head peeping over the side x

  3. Beautiful. You are so fortunate.

  4. Ha ha! I thought the same kirsty x

  5. they are beautiful, I see that my greyhound is not the only that spends most of her time horizontal, its a greyhound thing!! x

  6. Happy Birthday dawgies :)


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