Saturday, 15 January 2011

if: Chicken

The topic for Illustration Friday this week - chicken.
Poultry keeping is very fashionable in England at the moment and poultry prints are a frequent request. For a few years we had hens clucking away in the back garden.
A visitor to my Gallery brought in a photo diary of this feisty cockerel (who met an early end) and asked me to print his portrait. I have used him as a model many times, he is a pleasantly triangular shape. This morning I coloured him in.


  1. Oh I like that, cant go wrong with chicken pictures, I would love to have a few chooks x

  2. Hi Anna. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. Lovely to meet new people and see new work. I enjoyed reading about your gallery adventures and good luck with your decision to go with your heart. I really like the IF work such as the cockerel and the fox. Both animals I love.


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