Saturday, 12 March 2011

if: Stir

When this weeks Illustration Friday topic 'Stir' popped into my inbox, I imagined a pleasant afternoon printing my way through the growing spoon collection in my studio. Then I remembered Nigella's cookery series, the most useful tip I picked up from five episodes was "Never stir rice with a spoon, always use a fork." I now use a fork to stir all sorts of rice and pasta pots. I have bought some lovely old dictionaries from the charity shop to use for collage, adding my fork which stirs.


  1. Wow--that's a lot of text on "fork". I never would have guessed. This is really beautiful--love the texture of both the fork and the dictionary page. I guess I used forks and spoons both to stir rice and pasta.....whatever is handiest at the time.

  2. Ah... love old books. I love the texture of the fork.


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