Tuesday, 12 April 2011

South East Open Studios

For the past three summers I have joined in with South East Open Studios an artist led, not for profit organisation supporting individual artists and craftspeople to welcome visitors into their working environment and share their inspiration and creative processes.

In my immediate area three venues show a diverse range of work: painting, prints, sculpture, ceramics and jewellery, with demonstrations, talks and opportunities to see sketchbooks, materials and techniques used. Across the region the work also includes: photography, textiles, glass, wood and metal.

Visiting open studios is a visual arts treasure hunt, our Guide gives you a starting point and clues for what you might find when you get there. How you get there is part of the experience and a map and mobile phone are essential for remote rural areas. Discovering artists and craftspeople at work down a country lane or inside a building you walk past every day is part of the thrill.

This January I applied for the role of 'Advertising Officer' with the Management Team. This is us meeting up to agree publicity. In just a few weeks 33,000 copies of The Guide, 10,000 Friends leaflets and 10,000 posters will be distributed across Kent and East Sussex.

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