Saturday, 28 May 2011

If: Asleep

Hounds asleep is a subject I draw weekly. Every room here has a comfy blanket, they turn, drop, wriggle and then slowly fall asleep. Sometimes they puff air out of their cheeks, roach or snore...


  1. Great print. I love the way hounds turn, turn, turn in that little circle before they sit down. I love the long legs here.

  2. Who doesn't envy the deep sleep of dogs and cats?
    I like the paintings of the boats in the former posts a lot.

  3. i love your asleep dog! wonderful use of pen and ink :)

  4. Great prints on an amazing subject! I love your use of colour and ink on these :) Please would you mind checking out my blog on ; as we share the same interests. Thankyou!!


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