Sunday, 27 November 2011

Coast Paintings

Coast paintings currently in my Studio, this Christmas I am opening by appointment. If you would like to come and hang out in the snug, have a glass of wine and a natter, do email.


  1. its lovely to see summer when its cold and windy outside!

  2. That sounds lovely, glass of wine while looking at your paintings. Unfortunately I live to far away, I hope it goes well and you have lots of visitors.

  3. I wish I could visit - I'd like to see your paintings "live" :)

    Are these black huts characteristic only for the area where you come from? I'm sure I've seen some photos of a black hut with yellow window frames in one of the home/interior magazines... if I remember correctly it belonged to some artist, who had her sculprutes in her garden. Does this ring the bell?

  4. I think the black huts as net huts or fishermen's shacks are fairly common, painted with tar to protect the wood from the ravages of the sea.
    Derek Jarmans Cottage with the yellow windows and sculpture garden in Dungeness is very special. Much has been written about him as a painter and filmmaker, but do read this

  5. Thank you for the link, Anna. It seems Derek was a very interesting and gifted person, shame about the ilness and its outcome.

    I think that black and yellow look really well together, at least looking at these huts.

  6. Forgot to say you must buy the small but beautiful book 'Derek Jarman's Garden' x


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