Friday, 16 December 2011

Post Box Print Giveaway

I am delighted people are buying greeting cards and paintings from my online shop. Please order by Monday to ensure your goodies arrive in good time for Christmas.

As this is my 600th post, if you leave a comment below, I shall enter you into the hat to win my Mail print above. The hounds will pull a ticket out of the hat on Christmas Eve.


  1. Congratulations on your 600th post, and what a lovely print this is :)

  2. Anna,
    I have only just found your blog so you must not include my name in your draw but I just wanted to say how lovely your paintings are. Lots of inpsiration here especially your monoprints. I love the graphic image of the above print. What a great Christmas card that would make. Lesley

  3. Hi Lesley Of course you must be included in the draw, its Christmas. Thanks for your comments, I did a post about the monoprint technique, people do like them, which is great.

  4. Now I feel guilty for hardly ever leaving a comment - but I do so enjoy looking at your blog. I visited Dungeness years ago and was very moved by the atmosphere. It's as far from our rocky coast in wild West Wales as can be, in so many ways! I love your blog for both the art work and the dogs, by the way!

  5. Aaaa.... I love this print and hope that the little paws will draw my name. Fingers crossed! :)

    You should be very proud of your 600th post (I have only 45, so 600 sounds very advanced!).

  6. Love the text print back ground - I want to win it!


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