Saturday, 21 January 2012

Coast Paintings

New small paintings in progress.


  1. What's your usual painting size? And why? This is something I'm thinking about a lot. And btw, one day I'm going to adopt a greyhound. Yes I am. Hope I don't have to wait too long! ~ Sara

  2. I find it fascinating how you work on multiples at once.

  3. Hi Sara, I usually work in 12 inch squares, sketchbooks, canvas and panels. At the moment I am mostly showing work in very small galleries and selling online, so have moved down to 20 cm squared. Meaning everything can be posted. I spent 2009 painting life size animals on 40 inch square canvas, so my current work seems tiny to me.
    Hi Claire I can't imagine not painting in multiples in oils, as after an hour or so on each painting, the panels are too wet to do any more. I have lost a few good paintings by not waiting for the paint to dry and turning the colours to mud..


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