Tuesday, 3 January 2012

if: highlight

Happy New Year.
The topic for Illustration Friday this week is highlight.
When you adopt a retired racing greyhound it is the highlight of any day to find an enclosed field and watch them run free, ears erect, tongue hanging out.


  1. They are unbelievable runners!

    P.S. How old are they when they retire?

  2. One of my dreams is to adopt one of those greyhounds. What a beautiful painting! ~ Sara

  3. Hi Kristina
    Many retire early from injuries, but some race for 6 years or so.

    Hi Sara
    Make sure you get a muzzle, as some of them may chase anything that moves.

  4. Your image really captured the greyhound at rest...not an easy feat! Beautiful sense of color from a monochromatic palette, too. Terrific!

  5. Wow! exciting time! We all need to "let rip" from time to time. Enjoy.


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