Saturday, 31 March 2012

if: return

Whenever I need an inspiring subject for Illustration Friday, I return to my pointy nosed hounds and their friends. Lino cuts are a new medium for me, this is my first attempt at a dog. Its a work in progress!


  1. Anna, It IS a dog, no doubt! I just showed it to Sandy and Dori, and they nodded their hound-heads in approval....

    Just for fun in ALL (your free time), you might enjoy Picasso's lino-cuts. He'd start with gouging out a line drawing and printing light on dark. Then kept subtracting surfaces from the block. One of the longest held books in my library..

  2. Thanks, that made me laugh. Shame about its bumpy nose and suspect eyes. Not quite the expression I was after. Still at least I didn't cut myself with the tools. I shall search out Picasso's lino-cuts right now!

    1. You can make a little work surface of wood (from the side it would look like a "Z" of right angles) that has an added lip to hang over the table edge. At the rear of the surface add an upward lip to hold the lino ON the work surface; that way you can always cut safely AWAY from you. We all have our studio scars!

    2. Thank you I am cutting away, but will make a work surface. I mostly cut myself on paper these days, taking it in and out of the printer! The designers here don't let me use scalpels... When I worked as a window dresser I knocked over a 6ft cacti, got a bit in my eye and ended up in hospital.

  3. This is a medium that I would love to master, but I think it would be hard to grasp the thought that where you make a cut it will be white, where you leave untouched, it will be coloured... Sounds complicated... But I think your hound is really great. Will look forward to seeing more illustrations. K. xxx


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