Thursday, 12 April 2012

At Work

Head down in the Studio.
Visiting the Jerwood Gallery was a great motivator.
There are small paintings drying on every surface.
Waiting to hear from an exhibition I applied for.
Plus new Galleries interested in works both 'Nautical' and 'Hounds'.
Photography and celebratory film of studio life underway.


  1. Fab photo of you. Looks like you have been really busy while I have been away (and not blog reading).

    Thanks for the suggestion today - I've got one for you - I don;t even know how I got on their email list but it is well worth it

    and particularly this


  2. Hiya

    Thank you, they host my website and online shop, so I'm already on it! Do throw me another though, I like to try new things.


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