Sunday, 20 May 2012

Lewes Printmakers 2012

An exciting new book marking 25 years of the Lewes Railway Land as a community space will be launched at 12 noon on 26th May at the Linklater Pavilion and will be on sale there during the week before the Railway Land Festival to be held on 2nd June.

Created by Lewes Printmakers, a group of all-comers who make their individual work with Carolyn Trant at the Linklater, the limited edition book is the sixth volume in a series of publications about Lewes which have previously featured the High Street, Cliffe, the pubs of Lewes and the lives of Tom Paine and Gideon Mantell.

The Printmakers’ move to their new base presented a wonderful opportunity to create images of the Railway Land. The choice of subject was left to each artist and a degree of artistic license was integral to the project. The Railway Land affords many freedoms which depend upon mutual respect and understanding and it is hoped that, by highlighting a range of aspects of the reserve, the book will serve as both a unique record to those already familiar and an introduction to those yet to discover this marvellous place.

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