Thursday, 17 May 2012

Thank You

Promoting my Open Studio using a film is working brilliantly...

Special thanks to:

From Britain With Love

Miss Pickering and The Hound


Making A Mark

More special thanks to those who shared and commented:
Very impressive, very professional. Music cool, couldn’t have done a better job myself.

Interesting – I always enjoy watching people demonstrate skills and some lovely dogs too. Best of luck with it.

Lovely Anna, was interesting to see you at work. Good luck with it.

I really enjoyed it. I love watching creative people at work. Hounds looking pretty gorgeous too. I was really surprised just how big some of your canvases are. I'm used to seeing them in such a small format. Well done - I liked the music too.

Brilliant, great to see how your paintings and ink work comes about, I really love your paintings, they catch the feeling of the area/dogs you paint so perfectly.

Lovely shots of the hounds.

Loved it Anna - great to see you work.

WOW!!! With the music it is so empowering. Yes please, I for one would be very proud to have SLR have a link. Anna, that is amazing.

Just to add - I feel so proud to have two Anna pieces, and not a day goes by when I don't look at them and well up. Anna captured Elly spot on.

Really enjoyed that!! What a talented lady you are!! But of course I have to say that the dogs were the stars of the film.

Anna thanks so much for sharing - I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was beautifully shot and edited, the music was perfect, the artwork was sensational. You look beautiful and peaceful and fulfilled xx

Wow! Excellent film in every way

You have a lovely talent enjoy it to the full, paint for you and if others enjoy it all to the good.

I’m desperate to own Bea at the 2 loves combined!

Loved it

Wow! I have to say that first sculpture is just so lifelike - right down to the fur and whiskers!

Beautiful pics as always - now how can I blackmail, con, commission you to do my beautys?!

It really captures your creativity, your process and your being – just wonderful. PS Great to see how the print of Dilys in her gear was produced.

Wow! Amazing video. You're very talented. I love the seascape towards the end of the video.

That's great Anna, we are over in Tenterden, I'm exhibiting in Open Studios myself, I'm a milliner. please pm me if you are ever over this way - would love to meet up.

That was fantastic - well done you!  And good luck too

Loved it, all your paintings look wonderful, loved all those paint brushes and the dogs look really happy

Absolutely stunning! Very interesting to see how you apply your paint. Love your paintings and prints. And beautiful brown eyed puppies melt my heart.

Wow- fabulous! Love watching you work and seeing behind the scenes. Cool music too x

So interesting to see how you work. gorgeous dogs. Love those well worn brushes too.

Oh, what a lovely film!  Chuffy [greyhound] and I watched it rapt with fascination, me at your techniques with different media, Chuffy more in customary ooooh frame of mind [but, interestingly, really looking back into those big eyes as if he understood]... Thank you for that little interlude, and I hope it all goes swimmingly, or more preferably... sunnily!

I love how hard your hounds are working!!!! Thanks for sharing.

What a fantastic video!

Lovely movie, lovely work. For those on here that don't know Anna's work it is beautiful. I won a sketch by her in a recent SLR auction and it's very classy. Just need to visit her gallery and get tempted by some of her big colour canvases...

What a lovely video - and so wonderful to see how your hounds inspire you. When I get a moment I will certainly look at the websites to see your work more fully.

Nothing I like better than beaches and hounds.

Lovely...... Hounds and paintings

Love the video Anna

What a lovely insight to your creative ways and co starring 'the hounds 'of course.

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