Monday, 2 July 2012

Our House

Our house has been up for sale with Crane and Co for a month.
We have had viewings each week and two second viewings!
Fingers crossed.
I am painting a commission of Rye Harbour Nature Reserve in the back garden in the sunshine.


  1. Looks a gorgeous house, Anna. Good Luck with the move, are you staying local ?

  2. Thanks Carole. The garden is a little on the shaggy side. I am on a mission to move to Winchelsea Beach, but Rye area really. So still East Sussex.

  3. I saw the listing a few weeks ago.....Now something off the road a bit?

  4. The sun is shining in your garden? Please send it west when you're done with it!

  5. Hi David, I really like being on the road, so I know what's going on in the neighbourhood. So more road, but also a garden for the hounds.

    Veg artist - I am quick with my camera to catch the sunshine, it is rare and then days and days of rain!


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