Squeaky Clean

All is forgotten about the first estate agent and our lost year.
We have two sets of people interested in buying our property, both have properties to sell...
There are also two sets of people coming for a second viewing this week.
Wish us luck.
Mr PWP is in cleaning heaven.
I would like to hurl paint at a wall and build wobbily messy towers of paper. My time will come...


  1. Selling a property, particularly one which has something a little different about it, it one of the most stressful things known to man. I know. I've been there. After a year, and losing hope, we eventually sold to a couple who had viewed months and months before. Let's hope that the two interested parties have really straightforward homes to sell!

  2. If nobody wanted it by September we were going to take it off the market. We now have four sets of people keen to buy (all with property to sell) and another viewing tomorrow. We also have a viewing in mid August, already booked in???

    I also (unusually) have 90% of my paintings out and about in different shows/fairs/galleries across Sussex. Plus two new commissions.

    Things may descend into chaos, any day now...


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