Monday, 20 August 2012

Reasons to be cheerful

The villagers have always lamented the closing down of the deli...
A new one has burst into life.
Lunchtimes are a dramatic improvement, thanks to Davenports


  1. Looks good! A Mr. P. logo job?
    Looks like they'll have to sponsor a 10 k run.
    I used to letter all the gift certificates and sandwich boards for a dessert cafe in N. California. My pay? Any of the damaged fancy cake slices FEDExed in from San Fran.' I lost 15 lbs. when I moved...

  2. Actually Mr PWP told them he didn't like their font.... but he did put them in touch with our sign man, so they now have a fancy swing sign.
    Payment in cake, that is a thought.
    Today I bartered a haircut for an alpaca portrait!

  3. The phone number is a little daunting (6 close to 8) but we forgive them because the sandwich looks great.
    "Why cannot you starve at the beach? Because of all the sandwhich is there."


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