Monday, 13 August 2012

The Adorable Plot

You will not be surprised to hear I love this book.
Fascinating, charming, packed with character.
Beautifully observed paintings and writings about garden allotments.


  1. If you got a goat Mr. P. wouldn't have to snip snip. AND you'd have manure with a certain degree (!!!) of chaos. "Yes, the house is for sale but you have to take the goat!"

  2. This looks a fabulous book, I love Tessa Newcomb's work :)

  3. We had two chickens once, they ate every flowering or sculptural plant and left behind the ugly ones!

  4. We tethered our two goats to create radial patterns (a la crop circles) on the hillside facing the road. Efficient clearing, artistically and entertaining for the traffic. I remember a particularly bad rooster in the barn. The peacock who ate our strawberries. I'm sticking with greyhounds!

  5. This looks like a 'must have'...Tessa Newcomb's work is such a delight!
    I really enjoy coming to visit your blog(only recently discovered), and I am an enthusiastic fan of your work. Thank you for sharing;)

  6. David - I think you should do a blog post with pictures of your animals over the years. I would love to see your two goats.

    Hi Annamaria, welcome to the my painted version of the south coast of England. Although there are a lot of hound paintings this month.

    The book is a 'must have', available from all good local bookstores in the UK and Amazon!

  7. AWP
    A top posting!
    Thanks to you I've now discovered Tessa Newcomb's lovely work and her excellent publishers! They have also produced a natty book of David Gentleman ( a long time fav of mine)


  8. Glad my efforts are appreciated...

    Look out for the section which includes the brilliant "Its a whole coat colder up there"



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