Monday, 10 September 2012

Fruit Cake

Dropped off my paintings, not anticipating a bake off.
I don't make cakes, but I know people that do, phew!
Hats off to Mrs Coppack the baker aka Liz's Mum
Delivered by Mr Coppack aka Liz's Dad who simply said "raspberry"
Did I remember to bring the fancy tin home - nope.


  1. That's what "England" conjures in my head. Stone and timber and cake. 'Yum' for more than one sense. Liked the pic of you and the kids as speed bumps.

  2. You've defiantly got a cake thing going on... it must be the change of season. Autumnal tuck maybe. I err toward soups and stews... kinda peasant nosh. I don't bake as you know but if I did I'd be Bunteresque. Who doesn't love 'cake!'


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