Saturday, 12 January 2013

Giant Bean Bag

23 cm Square
Oil on wood


  1. Ha! Do you know Doris Lee's paintings? Were she alive This would make her smile.

  2. Belated Happy New Year, Anna! It's great to see that you have already painted a few new paintings - I love all of your doggy ones and this one especially, as it reminds me of summer and how nice it is to spend time outdoors.

    Well, hope 2013 brings you even more happy moments spent with your family (dogs are family as well, right?).

    Kristina x

  3. I am not aware of Doris Lee, I shall google her, thanks.

    Hi Kristina,
    Happy New Year to you.
    I am working on new paintings just on my kitchen table. It is 3 degrees here and snowing, so I am pretending I am in Key West.


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