Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Towards Fairlight

Oil on wood.
Our new cottage is on the top of that cliff.
I have started packing the books, they are heavy.


  1. I wish you well for the move a cottage sounds marvellous. I shall wait to see the views from up there. Hope it's not too blowy!! Lovely painting can I ask what wood you use to paint on?

  2. Hi Jane

    It will indeed be very blowy and quite a trek to the nearest Post Office and Shop. But the garden is a lovely plot with some splendidly gnarled fruit trees and the cliff top views are good. the whole cottage needs a modernising, so that will keep the other half busy for a few years!

    The ply is just ordinary, but the width is 5mm. I did once buy 2mm, but I felt it was too thin. The priming took a while!

    1. Thanks for the tip on painting on board. You sound delighted with your new home. It sounds ideal with the views for a painter.


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