Sunday, 10 February 2013


I predict February will be spent painting and decorating, punctuated by walks staring at the horizon.
The shelves in the snug were brown, walls pink and for a fresh start all will be white...
The hounds love the carpet.


  1. This is dreadful! I am drooling already. How am I going to read this blog when all is white and fresh, spring is springing and sea walks will be sunny and fresh? I live less than 10 miles from the sea, but I don't always feel like driving, then there are car parks, coins and tickets, getting the tide right. I want to live BY the sea! I look for somewhere suitable, but would really like to transplant my present house and garden!!

  2. Would it help if I said there is no access to the shore and the Post Office is a thirty minute round trip x

  3. I remember being in Fairlight. It's possible to see tiny French cars isn't it? Or did I invent this part of my memory? I think I walked to Hastings from there. I like those shelves far better in white. I am quite envious of all that painting and decorating and walking you are about to do!

  4. WHY are newly-bought houses always pinK? The exterior of ours was and the interior was purple....

    Thanks for the pics from Florida with the same postal commute.

  5. Hi Jane,
    You would have walked to Hastings, but unsure about the French cars, I might have to wait until the summer to know for sure!
    The shelves are taking a lot of coats...

  6. That's the thing - there's always a compromise, isn't there? Ours are based on my husband's very long, once-weekly, commute. We needed good broadband and mobile reception. I have lovely neighbours, and a large garden in an edge-of-town spot which is very quiet. I just hanker after the sounds and smell of the sea. Can't help it!

  7. Hmm... What a beautiful view and your new den looks great too. Well done.

    'I'm quite jealous' viewing it here from the middle of the Midlands.


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