Friday, 12 April 2013

Behind the scenes

Our front door is now 'forget-me-not' blue
The red floral carpet has gone, the floorboards are sound - phew!
The snug has become my studio
The sun lounge has become a drying room for paintings
Shed no 1 - the summer house
A tiny painting of Derek Jarman's cottage went on a big adventure
I predict paintings in 2013 will include thickets, verges and meadows


  1. Photo 5 looks like a David Nash work - one of my favourites. Also, shed envy again. I already have two sheds, but no summer house - yet!

  2. Burnt Gorse!
    It may curb your shed envy to know there are spiders the size of whippets in the corners of the summerhouse. x

  3. I'm afraid I take a heavy-duty hoover to my sheds at the beginning of each summer!! I have wanted a summerhouse ever since I saw Hepworth's, on its turning mechanism, able to face the sun.

  4. Mr PWP suggested the hoover, I thought I might attempt to sweep them out gently in the first instance...

  5. All very nice....and the shed came out sweet.


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