Friday, 24 May 2013

This Week

This week, in no particular order:
Funky chicken blinds and nautical bunting in creation.
Garden Shed No 5 - demolished.
Parcel of paintings, monoprints and cards for The Green Tree Gallery posted.
Card orders from website posted.
Commission of pointer posted.
Mowing, mowing, mowing, mown.
Open Studios prep.
Rye Arts and Crafts Fair prep.
Spangly new hair do.


  1. Good list and good photographic evidence of some things on it and some not. I like the stretched out bodies on the grass. Paintings are looking better and better!

  2. Thanks Jane.
    I have to write everything down, I think it might be my age!

  3. P. looks pooped! Our Tulip looks much like Bea.

  4. An excellent post AWP... A shopping list and love picture No2. 'Whose the odd one out?'

  5. Photo no 2 = feeble exhausted bodies after a modest bit of weeding. Although the hounds throw themselves onto the grass daily at the first sign of sun!


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