Thursday, 26 September 2013

Funky Fairlight

Fairlight Cove, home to creative souls, where Coastal Currents Open Studios encourage you to visit. Our contemporary, inclusive and fun trail is here

The first weekend I had 37 visitors, 1 interested gallery, 1 commission and a project idea about monuments. Mid week I have heard about bird on a stick and spray painting lawns.

This weekend I am open Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th 11am - 6pm


  1. I was hoping that was the last time I saw that particular paper. 'Funky Fairlight' - I like that. Have to check copy very carefully though.

  2. I see the man that sped past and threw a paper at us last night!
    I'm thinking of a new series called 'Fairlight Funny' or similar, equally tricky with the spelling I suppose.

  3. I was on a mission. Morrisons called. Had an interesting meeting with Tina from Coastal Currents today. Debriefing next week sometime? Give Sir a big kiss from me.

  4. Oooohhh get you networker.
    Thursday is good.
    Maybe Sir will have time for tea too!

  5. Hardly anyone around today BUT I may have made front cover of Fairlight News!!!!! - tee hee heeeeeeeee


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